The Current State of Integrated Tick Management

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The Current State of Integrated Tick Management
… prevalence of infection sufficiently to actually show an impact on tick-borne disease. Nevertheless, with some caveats, the few studies that have demonstrated an impact on human Lyme disease have been either the reduction or treatment of white-tailed …

Officials: Beware Tick Diseases
Burlington (ap) — Ticks are active … for human cases of the tick-borne disease anaplasmosis, the Vermont Department of Health said on Wednesday. The illness is spread by blacklegged ticks — the same tick that spreads Lyme disease.

IGeneX introduces new tests for Lyme disease & tick-borne relapsing fever
IGeneX Inc., a CLIA and New York-approved Reference Laboratory, specializing in testing for tick-borne diseases, is pleased to announce the launch of three new tests that are more inclusive and specific for aiding in diagnosis of Borreliosis (Lyme Disease …

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