Tick Removal

Removing a Tick

Once a tick has been found, it is important to remove it as quickly as possible using tweezers to avoid a disease from being transmitted. Do not burn, squeeze, or cover the tick’s body with petroleum jelly. This can cause the bacteria from the tick to enter the body of the host transmitting any infections.

1.Using clean tweezers, place the edge of the tweezers as close to the tick’s mouthparts without pinching the skin,

2. While grasping the tick tightly with the tweezers, pull straight up and outwards with even pressure until the tick has been removed.

Once the tick has been removed from the skin, make sure to wash your hands with soap and warm water and clean the affected area with alcohol. Monitor the area of the tick bite for any signs of infection such as a rash, tenderness and/or pain.

Ticks can transmit more than one infection, so if you think you have been infected or are showing any symptoms of infection, contact your Doctor for treatment.

The tick may be tested whether it is dead or alive, so it is crucial to save the tick once it has been removed. Place the tick into a zip lock bag or container. For tick testing visit www.tickcheck.com/order


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